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I have finally got my hands on a shit-translated russian version of Oblivion, the one I remember playing when I was still, like, ten or something, so over a decade ago. This can only mean one thing: that I have to liveblog it here while providing confusing linguistic commentary and yelling how I can't re-translate it back into English so it stays hilarious.

Anyway, my first point: a bit of history. Russia has a tradition of terrible automated and regular terrible translation that dates back to the 90s-00s if I'm not mistaken. Originally, the phenomenon was called "abovebrain" - from a shitty translation of "overmind" from some game, I can't remember right now which. There have been many fine examples of "abovebrain" translation, some I still see every day. Recently I had to deal with "date of treatment" on a library site (instead of "date of access").

The most infamous shitty translation, though, is the first translation of GTA San Andreas. God DAMN that thing was something. Because GTA games generally use a lot of slang and such, automated translation makes it even worse than it usually is, and to add to THAT, the autotranslators of that time couldn't distinguish between languages. So the result was utter and total chaos, and it was beautiful. "Chill the fuck out" became "cool the fucking", "we need to get the fuck out of here" became "we must receive the sex from this place", "cabron" (Spanish for pimp iirc) became "carbon-fiber". And so on. It was honestly amazing and I don't think I could ever do it justice.

Anyway, it gave rise to the new name of "wasted" translation. I can't really translate the pun/funny side here, but GTA SA gave you the message of WASTED if you died or failed a mission iirc. This was translated literally into Russian, without the additional meaning of failed/dead. "Depleted" or "consumed" might be a good re-translation. Anyway, this has been gaining momentum lately and is almost considered its own branch of translation on the Russian internet. It's most prominent in GTA game series, obviously, but things like wasted Oblivion are considered a rarity and a treasure in their own right.

The important difference here is that "abovebrain" translation is produced by actual people, who have limited knowledge of a language and the slang/cultural/etc quirks of said language. For example, Duwang would be considered abovebrain, not wasted. Wasted translation meanwhile is automated translation, without much participation from the person who's trying to translate things.

This was your brief lesson on shitty Russian translation, tune in for some actual Content in the next entry.
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Guess who's back. Gonna dump my Hearts translationblogging here now, will also backlog them a bit later. Anyway, Henzera/Hanselar adventures.
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The cutscene ends there. God damn this is big for an update.
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It's only been two days and I am already lacking sleep thank u uni

I can't really figure out yet if I just need like 9 hours of sleep a day or my body just only properly wakes up with the sun (which happens to rise at 9 am and will probably continue to do so for another month and a half)

Also the first class today is gym and I mostly just want to hide under blankets right now
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Ah yes the dreamwidth
How long have I not used it

It was first day of uni today, and I have to admit I was really nervous in the morning at first, to the point of feeling sick, but it got better eventually. We mostly had SCIENCE classes today (math analysis, algebra/geometry and physics) and while the first two lectures went ok by physics I couldn't even keep my concentration anymore, so I just ended up chatting with a groupmate through it

Schedule is still shitty, and while breaks are nice I'd really rather take a 10 am class and leave by 2 pm than have that time slot unocuppied and then have to sit through it until 4 pm >_>

We are also finally (hopefully?) going to buy a car this week. The bad news is that I'll have to drive it home all the way from another city and I am freaking out over it slightly because OH MY GOD IT'S A CAR I'LL HAVE TO DRIVE IT IN A BIG CITY I CAN'T HANDLE THIS

I ordered some things during the weekend (a flashcard and the Horatio Lyle books), and they all are shipped by now apparently. Yessssss now to wait for like a month or something because post sucks. I've been thinking about picking up some part-time job again, and the most popular thing around seems to be coding, especially for websites - and while it ties nicely with my studying, too, I'm not quite there yet >_> So I suppose that if I do pick up something it will be in summer or next sem

also I've seen a couple of games-related jobs and SNORT they are actually all "must be able to do everything, from plotting the game to drawing and coding it to selling it". I think I should probably question my life and choices once again

And now I am off to watch HTTYD, I've had it for a few months now, I think, and still haven't watched it. Oops
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Is there anyone I could borrow some motivation from or

I need to go phone hunting to find my mobile phone, I need to finish my app (I think the apps are checked this weekend?.. ), I need to eat something at least, I need to work on my tags in general, I need to get ready for my exams but all I ever do is just go from one room to another and plop down on the couch/bed/chair/whatever and stare into space and do nothing
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Who needs getting ready for exams I'm going to doodle stupid shit


In other news, it's gotten colder here AGAIN and I have to wear warmer clothes again. WOW GJ WEATHER

In other other news, I should probably get my RP accounts ready for Pokedrifting/Pokedressing opening. I don't even have icons/headcanon for some of them ahaha OTL Surge I'll be able to handle somehow (RGB/GSC CHAPTERS HERE I COME AGAIN), but I suppose I will have to draw icons for girl!Morty myself and it's going to be awwwwwwwk
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- Took my computer science/what-is-it-even-correctly-called-in-English exam. It was kind of hard, but I suppose any exam is kind of hard when you haven't studied the subject in months and only had as much as an evening of preparation/revision 8V Still, I think I'll get the required minimal score at least. I should do fine on the real exam (this one was kind of... preparational) if I study for a couple of weeks.

- Speaking of studying, more preparational exams are coming up and I guess I should go back to my history books. :| Russian history, why are you so boring at times bluh. It's basically just a clusterfuck of taking one step forward and then two steps back, because whenever any ruler did something that would actually help the country develop other rulers after him would do everything to reverse that and yeah everyone generally kept being stupid and I don't even know anymore. I think the only reason I'm even interested in the subject is very nicely written textbooks (and the most badass teacher I've ever seen. Too bad she's left our school). I remember reading them for fun when I had some free time.

- I WANT TO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE YOU GUYS as in fandom-wise productive? But whenever I have a time like this I take a look at my life my fandoms and realize I have too many things to play/watch/read and I'm just OKAY WHICH ONE OF THESE THINGS DO I DO NOW
I guess for now I should settle for re-reading Ciel and headcanoning stuff for January, so that I could app him at route 29. Lily said she could be Daughter and ahhhh I'm looking forward to playing with her so much <3

- Also I should figure out when can I start playing SW:TOR with No. Iirc I still have around a week to download the game, but the next week is going to be EXAMS EXAMS so I'm not sure when exactly should I start fffffffu. Though I'm still kind of "sdgfhksdf" over playing with someone WHAT ARE MMOS I DON'T KNOW HOW DO I PLAY WITH OTHER PEOPLE oh god I'm just going to be awkward and do stupid things aren't I.

- I've started reading Pratchett's Discworld novels, and my first reaction was "OH MY GOD WHERE HAVE THESE BOOKS BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE" pretty much. I've finished Jingo this week, and I'm pretty sure I haven't had a read this enjoyable in... what, a year? This, for once, was a book that I actually wanted to read, not made myself read it because I felt like I had to. I also bought Moving Pictures the same day I finished Jingo, but I'm still not done with it yet (I mostly read during breaks between classes in school, so yeah I'm only halfway done with it) and I'm thinking about reading all the Ankh-Morpork City Watch books first, before moving on to other novels. And I found out that Amazon has the books and also they can ship books worldwide JOY OF JOYS

- Note to self: FINISH ALL THE BK DOODLES I have too many unfinished sketches and ideas in my head ahaha. Not like any of them are intelligent, but still 8V
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Because I've finally sort of figured it all out recently and decided that I should make a tl;dr post about this

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tl;dr meme

Mar. 14th, 2012 05:20 pm
I remember Lin tagged me... a while back, let's put it this way, but I never really got around to doing it because I haven't been active on LJ for a pretty long time now, and have been neglecting my DW in favour of Tumblr. I guess I'll do it now?

Comment with a kind of food and I'll give you a letter.
Pick five characters whose name starts with that letter and tl;dr about them on your journal.

Lin gave me M because... Because I have no idea. She's Lin. BUT YEAH OK LET'S DO IT


That said, WELCOME TO MY JOURNAL, CURIMUCH? I-I don't think we've been officially introduced to each other but from what I know you're a good friend of Lin's and that can only mean a good thing. I hope we get along? 8D
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My sleepiness problems probably come from the ~emotional~ side rather than physical tiredness. I just... feel like there are so many things to do and they're too hard for me and I don't know how to do them, I'm nervous that I won't be able to do them on time, so I... probably just hope that if I sleep for long enough I'll wake up one day when I don't need to do them anymore. So yeah, I kind of end up sleeping for almost 10 hours a day. Not a good thing, I guess.

Also it snowed today again. WEATHER NO I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO HAVE SPRING ALREADY GDIT but at least the temperature doesn't seem to have dropped TOO low, it's only around -7C or something. I can live with that for spring, but gdit give me my zero back.
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Also I keep getting items from Rei, and she's not even maxed out yet. Meanwhile I never got anything from Bel, even when I maxed him out /sadfays. BEL YOU ARE A JERK, I WANT MY MONEY

and your personal interest may turn into your occupation, or get as busy as your regular business.
Game programmer/musician fuck yeah


SHAYOU NO HI SHAYOU NO HI SHAYOU NO HIII guys I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was when I found out 107 uploaded it. IT WAS MY FAVOURITE SONG FROM THE SUNSET SYNDROME ALBUM and I just... dsjfgshk happyflailed forever. HE EVEN UPLOADED THE OFF-VOCAL VERSION THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR
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Well, not completely sadfays! The good news is that I got a new guitar, even though it's not the one I originally wanted and I had to run all over the city first and waste a huge amount of time on it. ALSO I DID A LOT OF STARING AT DEM ELECTRIC GUITARS god I will totally have one of those babies someday. SOMEDAY and also I am going to practice a lot and be the very best like no one ever was okay yeah no. Also a digital piano, fuuuu I've been wanting one of those forever (even though lol I have no idea how to play it :Va).

But yeah, what made me sadfays was that the post randomly returned the postcards I sent to Lin and her godbro because apparently there's something wrong with them and they couldn't have told me earlier 8| WELL GEE THANKS POST, NOW THEY'LL TOTALLY ARRIVE ON TIME. NOT. I just... augh, why does it ALWAYS have to go wrong B( I feel like a terrible friend enough already, life why do you have to make it worse. WHY

Yeah I'm just going to go play pokeymans or something
pokeymans are friends
they help
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Welp, I guess I'll have to start using my DW account now. Need to upload new userpics/change theme/etc and stuff first though, but I'll get to it later :V
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ToDDC manga translations? )

Also today was my first time to see Leon's support skit. I've never seen it before because well, I don't think I've ever played as anyone other than Leon. Actually, I only got it this time because I decided to use Johnny, as my next chance to play as him will only happen in the ruins.
so here is the skit )
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Am at [ profile] tonake at the moment. Will be back here someday.


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